MasterMots (version française) et MasterWords (English version) sont des applications Android de type "MASTERMIND" dans lesquelles l'utilisateur doit trouver un mot tiré au hasard par l'application. Ces applications reviennent aux sources de ce jeu de réflexion à l'époque où on jouait à deux avec une feuille de papier et un crayon. La qualité de la réflexion en est renforcée, et l'accès à la définition du mot dans différents dictionnaires est un atout supplémentaire pour l'utilisateur et une originalité de cette nouvelle version du jeu. L'application peut être utilisée sur smartphone ou tablette Android.

MasterWords use notice

MasterWords Classic is an ANDROID application developed in Java. It's a english version of the french application MasterMots.

Game objectiveIn MasterMots, it is necessary to discover a word ramdomly chosen by the application from among :- 5400 in 4 letters,

- 12470 in 5 letters,
- 22150 in 6 letters
- 32900 in 7 letters- 40100 in 8 letters
- 40230 in 9 letters.It is enough to propose a word of the number of characters chosen in the options and the application indicates the number of common letters between the proposed word and the word to be found and the number of common letters well placed. By successive deductions, we must find the word randomly drawn. The usable words are those allowed at the Scrable. Conjugated verbs and plural words are allowed, but not proper nouns.

OptionsNumber of letters : You can choose a word from 4 to 9 letters. It is advisable to start with 4 to get familiar with the game. A counter next to the input field lets you know how many letters remain to be entered (useful for long words).Joker : You can choose to be helped by a joker. The joker will tell you if the letter you think you have found and positioned is good and well placed.Assessment mode: You can choose to have either the number of words or the time elapsed. The two evaluation systems coexist on the main screen, but the application will tell you if you have beaten your best score either in words or in time according to the chosen option.

Voice input : Voice input allows you to give your word by saying it out loud. It is possible that the dictated word is not fully understood and can be corrected using the keyboard.

Dictionary : at the end of the game, won or not, you can in most cases (all dictionaries do not include all scrable words) get the definition of the word. You can choose between four dictionaries according to the level of completeness of the definition you want (more info).StatisticsThe application maintains your game statistics: number of games attempted, number of successful games, number of games with joker, number of average and minimum words used and average and minimum time set to find the word. You can reset these statistics if desired by letter number level.How to playMasterMot is a puzzle game that does not necessarily need to know all the words used (there are nearly 150,000 !). It's a deduction game. For example, if you suspect an R at the end of the word (5 letters), suggest ABLER, then ABLED. If with ABLED you have a letter of less well placed, it is that you have an R at the end of the word (see an example of a game with joker -in french)

Warning: you can use only authorized words (the application will refuse them if it is not and will notify you) and only words of the number of letters chosen in the options.Assistance: You can enter the letters you think you have found in the entry box just below your word. If you have opted for the joker, the application will put in green a letter that you propose if it is well placed.The keyboard to the right of the game screen allows you to memorize the letters you think are not in the word and want to eliminate: the background of the letter goes black if you touch it, It returns in clear if you edit it.By touching the WORDS button to the right of the input area, you can get a list of 5 words from which you can select one by touching it.The list of words you have proposed can be rolled up or down if it exceeds the available space on the screen. The last word is always at the top of the list.Pause stopwatch: you can pause the stopwatch by touching it. It will restart if you retouch it or if you propose a new word.Solution in case of abandonment : If you can not find the word, you can exit the game and get the solution by touching the SOLUTION button at the top left of the screen.Definition of word : whether you found the word or not, you can get the definition, provided you have a connection to the network (WIFI, 3G-4G). All the words are not necessarily defined in the dictionary you have chosen to use, but some will allow you to add one if you know it.
To exit the dictionary, use one or more times if necessary the back key of your phone.

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